About – Bio

Artist – Carlos Cesar Alves

After a successful career as a Financial Director of GM – Locomotive Division in Brazil, and a Project Manager for Operations and Technology at Citibank, USA for 10 years, Carlos started his art career September 2006 in a group exhibition at Leiter Gallery in the Design District Miami. His first debut in the art world was a success and all the artworks displayed were sold at the opening.
In June of 2007, Carlos participated in the “United and Proud” exhibition at the Gallery Six Broward County Main Library showcasing the original works of over 50 artists. His artwork “Seasons” was recognized with the Best Mixed Media award by judges Steven Glassman and Tin Ly of the Broward County Cultural Division.
On Dec 1st 2007 Carlos Cesar Alves had his first solo exhibition displaying 20 unique pieces of art at the Avenue Lofts Gallery in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.
He continued participating in exhibitions and since then has participated in 54 exhibitions. In March 2010, he was accepted as one of the featured artists at the Opera Gallery Miami, Bal Harbor Shops. This exclusive Art Gallery also shows in Singapore, New York, London, Paris, Monaco, Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and Seoul.
At the Opera Gallery in Bal Harbour his works were displayed among renowned artist such as Arman, Fernando Botero, Lita Cabellut, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagal, Keith Harin, Roy Lichtenstein, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and many others.
Carlos also received invitations to participate at the exhibition “ ABSTRACTIONS” at the Opera Gallery New York. This exhibition was a retrospective display of the abstract movement from the 1940s through present day. Twentieth Century Masters such as Soulages, Hartung, Fontana, Miro, Arman, and Matta shared the space with some of the most creative contemporary voices such as Rosstar, Bast, Ron English, Gibby Haynes, Saber, Yasmina Alaoui, Carlos Cesar Alves and many others.
Carlos has shown his work at Vertu Fine Art in Boca Raton, Florida, Gab Studio in the Wynwood Design District, Florida, at Pro Arte Galleria in Sao Paulo Brazil, and most recently, had been invited by the English Auctioneers Group to participate at the VIP Collectors Cruise on board of the Oceania Riviera. In a project called – “Art on the High Seas,” 1250 art collectors from all over the world were invited to participate in this project that ran from Nov 29, 2012 to Dec 10,2012. The project “Art on the High Seas” is in the process of becoming a reality show.
Carlos is a self-taught artist who started his flourishing career 6 years ago using mixed media to create colorful, intricate, sophisticated and very engaging artwork.
Carlos has received numerous awards. He was selected as one of the artist showcased in 2009 by Florida International Magazine for a special edition where they select established and emerging artists in South Florida.
Aside from being self-taught, Carlos is colorblind, leading many reviewers to describe him as an Experimental Innovator. Carlos believes that because he cannot see color, he can more easily detach himself from certain limitations and experiment with possibilities. Carlos sees in shades of grey and he is clear that being colorblind affects the final result of his work. He says, “the vibrant colors are the easiest to differentiate” but he must memorize each color used in each one of his pieces, and then, when he mixes colors, he must take note of each color code and the quantity used in case he needs to create the same color again.
Carlos is an artist worth following. His unique creations are completely surreal and you as the observer will spend hours admiring the details of the extraordinary work produced by this unusual and gifted artist.

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