Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Carlos Cesar Alves

My art embodies my representation of a deeper message using shapes, forms and polished texture to communicate a story.  For me, the canvas serves as both mask and magnifier.  It allows me to either hide inside my psyche, or reveal important elements through brush strokes and layers of paint.

My work is the reflection of my inner world; what I have seen, what I believe and where I hope to go.  Ultimately, I desire my paintings to speak to the universal dichotomies in our human nature; the co-existing opposites that energetically vacillate between our moments of creation and demise.

I see my art as an imaginative exploration of our human emotions.  So when I paint, I feel myself separate from the limitations of everyday reality.  Restrictions, boundaries and rules disappear as the colors and shapes form images through the autonomous movement of my hands.  This synergy formed by the release of my creative impulse and merged with my artistic application of new materials and textures, results in work that I hope calls to be touched and examined.

The beauty for me of working in Mixed Media is that I get to play with unique materials.  Like an apprentice studying their craft, I enjoy learning the remarkable attributes of each material and then using them to produce artistic designs which reveal my reality, my fantasy and of course my inner smile.

I am humbled and proud to be an artist.  My gratitude for all that has been given me is my motivation to pass on good in this world and the reason why I demand the highest level of perfection from myself.  My hope, my wish, my dream is for people to simply enjoy my art and share that joy with the people in their lives.

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