Bada Reborn – My artwork where I show my sister battle against the cancer, our faith, her victory

My sister was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011. My painting ‘Bada Re-Born’ is a tribute to her. Bada is my sister’s nickname and this painting tells the story of her journey from disease to renewed health.

This painting which is 72 inches x 72 inches is on exhibition at the Opera Gallery in Miami, Florida. It is a mixed medium geometric piece. I used nails as a metaphor speaking to my sister’s pain as being analogous to the pain of Christ during his crucifixion. Piano wire, tape, acrylic paint and epoxy resin are layered over a wood base to enhance the composition and highlight the 3D effect.

The painting is divided into four sections representing the stages of my sister’s transformation.

In the first section of the painting I use nails pointing downwards for the staircase and railing to represent my sister’s pain for having been “nailed to the cross.” At the top of the staircase is a fragile house that for me signifies the unexpected nature of her diagnosis. The little girl figures running up and down the steps symbolize all the time my sister needed to spend searching for a cure for her cancer.

In the second and third sections of the painting the little girl figures appearing to move from one place to another represent the amount of time taken up by my sister’s treatment. Additionally, the little girl figures in red and white symbolize her red and white blood cells that required constant monitoring because of her susceptibility to infection. The arch at the top of the third section, done in nails, was to depict a helmet used by a warrior as a symbol of my sister’s strength, courage and resilience during the months she was receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatment, she never stop working not even one day.

In the final section of the painting there appears another staircase leading to a stronger, sturdier house. The little girl figures coming down the steps are happier now. They are celebrating my sister’s victory over her cancer. Notice that the railing of the staircase in this section is done with bigger nails pointing upwards indicating that the battle has been won and my sister is finally cancer free.

Lastly, the stripes I placed on the white background separating the sections represent faith, purity, blessings and hope. The millions of symmetrical dots that cover these stripes from top to bottom each one represent my prayers, my faith and my asking God to cure my sister from this terrible disease… God must have heard my prayers along with many others as my sister is completely cured.

  1.  Bada Re-born - detail-14 _MG_6894 Bada Re-born - detail-09 Bada Re-born - detail-08 Bada Re-born - detail-07 Bada Re-born - detail-06 Bada Re-born - detail-05 Bada Re-born - detail-04 Bada Re-born - detail-03 Bada Re-born - detail-02 Bada -Re-born - detail-10
Mixed Medium on wood 72 inches x 72 inches. On exhibition at Opera Gallery Miami - Bal Harbour Shops - Bal Harbour - FL.

Mixed Medium on wood 72 inches x 72 inches. On exhibition at Opera Gallery Miami – Bal Harbour Shops – Bal Harbour – FL.

We truly have to thank the doctors for their amazing work, but too, we must acknowledge that faith is a powerful instrument for making miracles.